Property Management Services

Lighthouse Properties Group PhotoProperty Owner Relations

Goal:   Help our Owners build wealth through increased cash flow and appreciation.

Financial Management and Reporting

  • We analyze your Profit and Loss Statement to ensure that we are maximizing your bottom line. Our in-house accounting team prepares these statements on your behalf and is available to review them with you.
  • Collect and deposit rents and other fees, either manually or via ACH payments through online software at no cost to residents or owners.  This innovative payment system has minimized late payments and collections
  • Collect, deposit and maintain security deposits into an escrow account.
  • Manage and collect funds from laundry and other vending services to be deposited into your operating account, when present.
  • Pay maintenance bills, association fees, insurance fees, taxes and utility bills from an operating account.
  • Expertly craft leases, approved and reviewed continuously by The Virginia Association of Realtors.  Leases are modified and updated as needed, to minimize exposure to liability and loss of revenue.
  • State of the art management software allows us to monitor and measure all of your financial transactions and offer in depth, detailed reports
  • ACH direct deposit, or manual delivery of rental proceeds (guaranteed by the 25th of each month)
  • Secure Online Access to your property financial reports

Property Maintenance and Improvement

  • 24/7 On-Call Maintenance, so you can sit back and relax.  Our answering service is supplied with multi-tiered instructions to discuss with residents so they may trouble shoot items prior to initiating formal work order for repairs.  Our maintenance vendors are educated with our standards and procedures and will communicate with the residents if they consider the call an emergency or is an item than can be scheduled during normal business hours.
  • Our expert contract maintenance vendors ensure routine repairs are done quickly, correctly and cost efficiently.  Fast and efficient turnovers to include cleaning, painting, lock changes and general repairs.  LightHouse Properties retains Insured, reputable vendors and we do not mark up any invoices.  This provides our owners the confidence that No unnecessary work is being done on their property.
  • Quarterly maintenance is a service LightHouse Properties offers our owners, that no other company does.  This low cost inspection is beneficial to your cash flow on many levels; ensures smoke detectors are in working order and up to code, checks for water leaks, structural concerns, differed maintenance,  changing of HVAC filters, testing of HVAC systems, and most importantly Tenant compliance.  Our vendors are trained to notice common lease and code violations and notify our office immediately so we may address them prior to them becoming of major cost and concern.
  • Coordinate and negotiate the best terms for trash removal, landscaping and grounds services, interior and exterior common area janitorial services, laundry and vending machine service, appliance repair and replacement, as well as repairs, which require major repairs or renovations.

Tenant/Resident Relations

Goal:   Establish and maintain long term relationships, reducing vacancies, damage and turnover costs.

Comprehensive tenant application and screening

  • Credit check
  • Income verification
  • Rental history verification
  • Criminal background check
  • DMV records
  • Banking information

Lease creation and maintenance

  • Lease administration
  • Rent collection
  • Security Deposit collection and maintenance
  • Provide notices of non-compliance, amendments, or rent increases
  • Utilize court remedies for timely evictions, judgments, and collections


Goal:   Present property in an attractive and effective manner to interest the customer enough to call, email or visit our office.  Once contact with customer is made, use our unparalleled customer service and willingness to help the customer find the property that best suits their needs.  These components combined, allow maximum market exposure with minimum time on market.  We pride ourselves in low vacancy rates and unmatched low days on market.

  • An aggressive mix of web and print mediums are used and are specifically chosen with your property’s demographic and needs in mind.
  • Our land line phone number is well known in our community for having available rental properties ranging from small apartments, single family homes and large commercial spaces